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Andar Estudiando en Malta
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Malta is the ideal destination to combine your Mediterranean holiday with learning the English language.

This quaint European island in the southern Mediterranean Sea, located to the south of Italy is an obvious tourist hot spot thanks to it’s idyllic location and balmy climate. Malta has also become an ideal study destination for language schools in recent decades due to English being an official language on the island. Ever since Malta’s entry into the British Empire almost every Maltese inhabitant speaks fluent English.

Malta has a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate with warm seawater, very mild winters and hot summers. The island also benefits from a well-developed hotel and gastronomic scene.
Cavendish School is located in the heart of the capital, Valletta, which has been named as a UNESCO world heritage site. UNESCO described Valetta as ‘One of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.

Un universo de oportunidades para andar por el mundo conociendo y explorando!

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