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Au Pair China  

Au Pair Qualification to join AuPair Program:

  • Be between 18 and 29 years of age.

  • Be clear English without heavy accent.

  • Min 500 hours Childcare experience. Have previous experience looking after children, i.e. through private babysitting, internships at childcare institutions,  as a camp counselor or as an after-school tutor.

  • Be a secondary school graduate (high school) or equivalent at least.

  • Be in good health, a non-smoker ,non-drinker and have no criminal record.

  • Be single, unmarried and childless.

  • Be able to commit to at least a min. of 6 months.

  • Be interested in learning about the China culture and language.

The Paper works needed for AuPair candidates application:


  • Filling in AuPair Application form. 

  • 2 references on Childcare (we provide a template).

  • The photocopy of passport.

  • The photocopy of diploma.

  • The photocopy of a certificate(for Gap Year students) from a university or college to proof you are a student.

  • The clean criminal report form local police station.

  • The medical report (we provide a template).

  • Certificates of English training courses if the candidates have.

  • A video of the candidate’s self-introduction: such as education background, personality, hobbies, family members, a small piece of data of performance on playing music instruments if you have.

  • Other certificates or a recommendatory letter from an employer if candidates have, such as volunteer job, First Aid, the level of Taek won do and martial art, the level of piano or other music instruments and so on.

The benefit for the Au Pair:

1. Tickets reimbursement and Completion Bonus: (Three options)

  • Free flight to China, including all connecting flights to your host family if you commit to a program length of 12 months stay with the same family, applying for through a Hampole abroad partner, or ticket reimbursement of RMB8,000.00 + the completion bonus of RMB1200.00.

  • Free return flight to your home country, given that you have successfully completed a 9 months stay with the same host family; or ticket reimbursement of RMB6,000.00+completion bonus of RMB900.00.

  • Free return flight to your home country, given that you have successfully completed a 6 months st ay with the same host family;or ticket reimbursement of RMB4,000.00 + the completion bonus of RMB600.00.

  • If the program length is less than 6 months but at least3 months (only fo summer vocation program) you can get a ticket reimbursement o RMB2000.00.

2. All-inclusive Comprehensive Insurance Package: (Two options)


  • All-inclusive comprehensive insurance package for the length of the program from 6 to 12 mont hs, including Death/Disability, Medical treatment for accidental injury, Outpatient and Emergency, Medical Injury,Inpatient medical insurance liability. The total Insurance Amount is RMB450,000.00(It is about $70,000.00)

  • Less than 6 months but at least 3 months program(only for summer vacation), our agency only provides with accident insurance.

3. Chinese Courses on Free: Our agency provide au pairs with 60 Chinese courses per three months in a professional language school. Each class is 45 minutes:


Normally au pairs have three times classes per week on Monday ,Wednesday and Friday with two hours each time.

4. Monthly activity:

Our agency would like to provide aupair Chinese calligraphy one time and Mountains-and-waters painting class one time in a month on free.  Au pair can join one or two depending on their interest.

5. X2 visa provided.

6. Free round way tickets to traveling in Korea: 


If au pair will stay 9 or 12 months in the same family our agency will pay the round way tickets to extend the visa for the next 3 or 6 months. So au pair can travel in Soul for 6 days. But au pair should to bear the expensive on board and lodging in Soul.

7. Sponsor´s Supports:

The sponsor pride ourselves of being highly involved with our much valued families and au pairs.


Once our team has guided the au pair through the signing up process and matched them with a suitable host family, constant support is offered throughout the lacement.


Our point of difference from other agencies is we offer our au pairs social events and educational guidance to support children’ learning. This will result in being a more positive experience for the au pair, host family and the children under their care.

8. Professional Development:


To be a successful support to their host family, au pairs need to understand balance and know their role and responsibilities.   Our team will assist in teaching each candidate the skills to self-promote, interview strong and understand acceptable boundaries when living with families from diverse cultures. Childcare skills and children’ milestones are also explored to enhance our au pairs knowledge in child development. Ongoing professional development workshops will be provided throughout their time with us.


9.  Social Support:

As an au pair community we organise a number of different events to enhance our au pairs cultural experience.   Our Events Coordinator plans and attends events for our Social Club for au pairs keen to socialise outside of work hours. Our Travel Club offers discounted trips away with other au  pairs to explore China in their time off. Whether professionally, socially or educationally, Sponsor will strongly support our au pairs during their cultural exchange in China!


10. Orientation:

  • Pick up with the host family at the airport

  • Welcome package (English map/bus card with RMB50 inside/SIM card with RMB50 inside).

  • Assisting with registration at the local Police station. 

  • Two day orientation,one day for training courses, the other day for Tsingtao city tour.

  • Free lunch.

11. Professional Development:


Au pairs: Work Hours, Holidays:


  • Commitment: 3,6 ,9,12 Months(3 months only for summer vacation).

  • Maximum days: 5.5 days per 7 day period.

  • Work Hours: Max 30 hours per week, max 6 hours per day pocket Money: RMB1000 per month.

  • Bus card allowance: RMB100 per month.

  • Holiday:

      6 days paid holiday per 6 month period.

      9 days paid holiday per 9 month period.

      12 days paid holiday per 12 month period.

Au Pair Duties will consist of:


  • Playing with the children and keeping them safe.

  • Teaching the children English or advancing their existing English language skills

  • Preparing simple meals and snacks for the children

  • Taking & picking up the children to/from school and kindergarten

  • Helping school aged children with homework

  • Bathing and getting the children dressed

  • Entertaining the children and teach them about your culture

  • Taking the children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities

  • Traveling with your host family on vacations and providing care for their children

  • Your host family is likely to also ask you to perform the following household duties that are childcare related. 

  • Keeping the children’ room clean and tidy

  • Doing the kids laundry and putting it away afterwards.

  • Keeping your own room neat and tidy.

  • Do some vacuuming and moping, especially in the area where the kids have eaten their food.

  • Helping out with grocery shopping once in a while

  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher

  • Taking out the trash.


Otros requisitos:


  • Ser mayor de edad, soltero(a) y sin hijos.

  • Ser bachiller.

  • Tener al menos B2 de inglés certificado y pasar entrevista.

  • Saber de primeros auxilios, cuidado de niños y nadar.

  • Tener experiencia en cuidado de niños de al menos 800 horas en al menos dos referencias.

  • Contar con los recursos financieros para pagar a la agencia en Colombia, tiquetes aéreos, documentos que necesites y traducciones.

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